Founder Partners

Chris Dovell BSc

Chris started working in the City with National Westminster Bank Group in their Structured and Leverage Finance group specialising in the financial modelling of companies’ cash flows. After 3 years period Chris moved to the Bank’s Fixed Income trading department and in 1997 he was made head of the UK Government Bond desk. In 2001 he was given global responsibility for overseeing a considerable expansion of their UK and European Government Bond trading capabilities.

During this time Chris not only proved himself to be a very successful trader but he also was a member of several senior management teams responsible for the formation of strategy, budgeting and forecasting. This responsibility often spread across major areas of the Bank.

In March 2004, after 14 years in the City,  Chris left to fulfil a long-held desire to work for himself and he,along with Peter Spraggs, set up the Spell Fund to provide much needed equity investment for property developers. Chris has a significant amount of his own capital invested in the Spell Fund.


Peter Spraggs

Peter has had an illustrious career in the City and worked in financial markets for 35 years, in the latter years setting up the Spell Fund in 2005.

He has been a director of 2 major financial brokerage institutions, Tullett and Tokyo and Tradition UK. For the first 20 years of his career he specialised in the sterling interest rate market, and for the last 15 years of that time he worked for his own company trading and broking financial futures and options.

As a seasoned City expert Peter has experienced the peaks and troughs of the interest rate cycle from the late 1970s through to the current day and seen their effects on both the domestic and institutional markets. He has been able to use this knowledge to adapt his investment strategies to the fluctuations in the property sector.

Since 1992 Peter has successfully developed property both commercially and on a residential basis while still working in the financial markets until 2014. He has a strong understanding of the property development market and a sound knowledge of procurement of land and the budgeting and implementation of construction projects.

Peter also has a significant amount of his own capital invested in The Spell Fund